I started my studies with David Hurn on the Documentary Photography course at Newport Gwent before going on to achieve an M.A at the Royal College of Art. My work has been exhibited widely around the U.K including the National Portrait Gallery, Cornerhouse, Photofusion, the Towner Gallery and the Independent Photographers Gallery. I have been commissioned to make my photographic timescapes for numerous hospitals across Britain as well as Airports, Schools and Football Stadiums. I have also been appointed as an artist in residence within a variety of galleries across the U.K.

My photographic work has two strands to it. My current work involves me using digital technology to produce large-scale prints. I am portraying 25 streets throughout Britain. The streets are photographed at 45-minute intervals throughout the day, between the hours of 8a.m and 7p.m, capturing the external life of the street from morning till night. The houses are then knitted together and manipulated on a computer using Photoshop to recreate a single image of the entire street, showing not only the external life of the street but also the gradual light changes across the print, as it progressively changes from day to night. The resulting image is constructed in such a way as to create a physical tracking shot, giving the impression of a cinematic experience. The final prints are 4 foot in height and 30 foot in length allowing the viewer to interact with the street as he or she walks along it.

What I am recording is not so much the physical reality but the underlying social narrative of these streets. Traditionally the photographic image has trapped the viewer in one perspective and one moment of time - my work attempts to remove these limitations.

Alongside this work I am working on two other projects. The first one involves me portraying outdoor swimming pools across Britain. The second project is based in India where I am making a series of Panoramic Timescapes based on rivers, lakes and the railways. These prints are also the same size as the street prints and constructed in the same way.

The second side of my work is documentary photography, which I have been engaged in for twenty-five years. My documentary work encompasses diverse communities and subjects. These involve amongst others; aspects of gambling, the health and beauty industry, street life in Cairo, the characters of East Sussex, portraying the life of Capuchin monks within Pantasaph monastery, a documentary depicting the life of a welsh speaking community on the Lleyn peninsula and a documentary on the Bangladeshi community living in Rochdale. My two most recent documentary commissions were to take a series of portraits for a book (Hidden Gems), of allotment holders relaxing by their plots in Slough. The second commission was to record the life of children and teenagers suffering from cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy. The project was based at Treloar College to celebrate their 100-year anniversary and was funded in conjunction with Hampshire Archives and the Arts Council of Great Britain.

I work to commission on a variety of projects both within the state and private sector.

I am represented by Lucy Bell Fine Art Photography Gallery

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